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7 Year old Haflinger Mare

Lady is a gentle giant, although quite small compared to full-size horses. Haflingers are a draft breed that are known for being very well behaved, docile and laid back. Lady is available to approved homes for $2,000. 


Duel Registered Mini Show Pony

Sandy came to us from the Humphries' farm, in South Carolina, as a gift to our young daughters. She's a sweet young lady who we may breed at some point in the future if we can find a worthy sire. 


Mini Donkey

Jack belongs to Mister MH5T and is often found making a nuisance of himself :) At just under a year old, he keeps us on our toes. His favorite past time is biting Sandy's rump and taking off running at full speed (not very fast) and jumping around like a toddler. 

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