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Guardians of the Goataxy

Photos of Niko and Lady, courtesy of CapriNew Farm. Photos of Sam, Gabby, Charlie, and Dina courtesy of Fields of Grace Farm.

We've selected our LGDs from the very best in Livestock Guardians.

Each breed/mix considered for their specific strengths.


Karakachans are fiercely loyal, courageous and smart.

Maremma are very friendly and sweet-tempered and bonds very well with herd and humans alike.

Akbash are known for their size, strength and quiet nature. 

Great Pyrenees are gentle and affectionate with their charges and fierce protectors when the need arises.

Anatolians are independant and predator aggressive. 

Kangals are calm, alert, and independent. 


Sarge came to us from our friends at CapriNew Farm in 2016. He is 1/2 Karakuchan (sire is full-blooded, registered Karakachan) and 1/2 Maremma (dam is full-blooded Maremma). 

Like all dogs, Sarge required supervision and training for the first year or two before we trusted him completely with our herd. 

He now has unrestricted access to all of our goat pens as well as our entire property. He has made fast friends with our local mail carrier and makes several rounds a day to "Nana and Pappy's house' for treats. 

Sarge is an enormous beast of a teddy bear who loves to hug, but don't mistake his kind demeanor to mean that he does not protect his herd or our home/family. 

Sarge will guard fiercely unless or until he receives the all-clear from us. 

Niko- Sarge's sire

Lady- Sarge's dam

Tink  & Tess


Tink, and her sister Tess, came to us from Fields of Grace farm in Tennessee in summer of 2017. These girls make a great team and we look forward to counting on them for years to come. 


Tink typically takes her defensive role very seriously. While Tess is most often on offense, Tink will stay behind and keep an eye on things but is always ready to jump into the fray if Tess needs backup. 


Newcomers are often unsure of Tink, she's the largest of the sisters and when she walks up to you, she grins, which could be misconstrued as a snarl. 

Tess is always on high alert. If the farm was a football field, she would play offensive line.  She's always the first to alert to danger (birds, cars, suspicious hay bales) and she is absolutely fearless. 

As of Summer '21, Tess has been spayed.

Sam's dam: Gabby  (Akbash)

Gabby - Sam's Dam -Akbash

Sam's sire: Charlie

charlie (sams sire).jpg
Charlie -Sam's Sire

Sire: Sam

Tink and Tess' sire, Sam

Dam: Dina (Maremma)

Tink ad Tess' dam, Dina

Charlie on left (1/2 Pyrenees (dam) 1/2 Pyr/Anatolian/Kangal (sire)) Sam on the right

girls sire (right) and sires sire (left)


Our LGD pups are raised, from birth, in our kidding barn and have supervised access to our Senior Doe and Milker pens. Pups are allowed to explore the farm under our watchful eyes and under the constant guidance of our adult LGDs. While proper supervision and quick correction are imperative in the early stages, the very best teacher and training we can give them is provided by our experienced, adult dogs. 

We typically have 1-2 litters per year sired by our male Karakachan/Maremma named Sarge. 

All puppies receive RFD microchips and temperament assessments before leaving our farm. They will also have their 1st shots and have passed a vet exam. Shot/care records are provided to new owners at the time of purchase. 

Puppy prices start at $450. We feel that pups who leave our farm with a sibling are better equipped for success so we provide a $100 discount on the second pup purchased from the same litter. 

Puppies should be picked up between 8 and 10 weeks of age, once they are weaned.

Older, started puppies may also occasionally be available and prices are dependent upon age and experience. 

Please contact us to find out what is available. 

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