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MH5T Farm

Yeah, of course. We know what you're thinking. What an odd name for a farm. What is that? What does it mean? Do you have something against vowels?


None of the above, actually. When starting out, we spent WEEKS agonizing over the herd name, farm name, herd tattoo.. it all feels so permanent. 


Romeo asks "What's in a name....?" as if being saddled with a terrible name is inconsequential. I wish I had his devil-may-care attitude! :)


Selecting the farm name was of paramount importance to me. When I finally decided on MH5T I was told that it was too hard to remember, or didn't make sense *sigh*. Perhaps true, but I wanted the herd and farm name to represent who I am, who WE are as a family. 


We are a couple of forty-somethings (currently) with 5 children. When we began this venture all of our kids were still living at home. Our three oldest have since ventured out into the world and are starting families of their own. Five children. Five little pieces of us. What better to represent WHO we are than "Them". 


Us. "Me"? I am just a regular, run-of-the-mill, workaholic with a 9-5 that in reality is more like a 5-9 (5am to 9pm). I rarely had an occasion to get outside for some vitamin D, much less exercise. I've always dreamt of waking up and sipping coffee on my porch overlooking the vast field of the "front 40" and watching the sun rise and set while roosters crowed. In this dream, there were also jingling cowbells but I have an aversion to animals that are bigger than me so goats (compact goats!) it is!


"Him". He's a hard-working, no-nonsense, "get 'er done" type southern boy that can't sit still. He is also willing to do whatever he can to make me happy, and that has equaled making this farm dream of mine come true. 


So, there you have it. MH5T. Me, Him, and 5 of Them. I bet you won't forget it now :)





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